News at Lyan Enterprises

January 2018

We have finally seen the Prime network rearrange their multiplex of channels to accomodate a HD H.264 program PRIME7 HD (on channel 60). This sees their previous HD channel (7mate) revert to standard definition.
This now means that every network has their primary programming in SD & HD concurrently.

October 2017

The largest change in some time in the TV Network distribution landscape has seen Southern Cross Broadcasting & the WIN Network effectivly swap program content.
Southern Cross Broadcasting had previously carried the Channel Ten content in our area & the WIN network was not represented.
Elsewhere the WIN network carried the Channel Nine programs & due to protracted contract negotiations the distribution rights were awarded to Southern Cross Broadcasting.
The WIN network took the rights to the Ten content & effectivly replaced Southern Cross Broadcasting between Sydney & the Queensland border.
Southern Cross Broadcasting are no longer seen on our screens (but still own two local radio stations) as the Nine network owns the old NBN network so effectivly distribute their own content in the region.
This sees the channels of Win (5), Win HD(50), One Digital (51), Eleven (52), WIN Promotion Info (53), TVSN (54) & Gold (55) replace the previous multiplex.

July 2016

Since the introduction of the "new" channels of ABCHD (20), SBS One HD (30), SBS Viceland HD (31), Win HD(50), TVSN (54), Gold (55), Prime7 HD (60), Ishoptv (65), 7Flix (66), (68) & 9HD (80), now some customers have not been able to recieve them.
This is due to the introduction of the "new" digital encoding system MPEG 4 also known as H.264.
The new system can more efficiently reduce the size of the program information so that you can fit a High Definition channel in the same space used by a Standard Definition signal.
Unfortunatly older units do not have the capacity to decode these signals so only the sound may be heard or are unable to recieve them at all.
One solution is to use a Set Top Box or PVR to recieve these stations, but in the future we will see a migration of most of the main channels to H.264.
As new 4K (UHD) sets become the norm there will be more demand for further expansion of the channels offered.
We can advise the best solution for your requirements or upgrade.

January 2016

After nearly fifteen years at our old location of 1 / 6 Metro Court Gateshead we have relocated to 9 Prudence Close Whitebridge.
With changing conditions in the electronics service industry & reduced retail sales margins the viability of many repairs are now in question.
We have chosen to relocate so as to better meet the needs of our customers & those organisations we provide service facilities to.

April 2014

We wish to welcome DR+Group to the organisations we offer repair support..

March 2014

We wish to welcome Install & Fix Solutions to the organisations we offer repair support..

August 2011

We wish to welcome Hisense Australia to the brands we offer warranty support.

June 2011

We wish to welcome Teac to the brands we offer warranty support.

We wish to welcome Dgtec to the brands we offer warranty support.

August 2010

We wish to welcome Daewoo Electronics & Macintosh Audio to the brands we offer warranty support.

June 2010

We wish to welcome Changhong & Celestial to the brands we offer warranty support.


Unfortunately we have seen the dissolution of both the Television Electronics Services Association (TESA) & The Electronic Technician's Institute of Australia (TETIA).
TETIA, founded in 1956, provided professional technical support for electronics technicians and engineers in each State. TESA N.S.W. (the last remaining branch) which was formed in 1962, and supports electronics businesses involved in repair, rentals, sales or the supply of electronic parts, has decided to cease operating at the end of 2009

While both organisations have ceased, we abide by the principals held by them & will continue to do so.


Environment minister calls for submissions for E-Waste management scheme.
All submissions have been lodge but no definite scheme has yet been announced.

"With almost 16 million electronic items going to landfill each year, environment ministers are currently discussing options for e-waste recycling, but a recycling scheme might not start until late into 2010 or 2011 at the earliest.
Australia needs to rebuild a vibrant repair industry that increases the life cycle of products. Remanufacturing and reuse can help stop climate change, conserve non-renewable resources and reduce pressure on landfills."

"The environmental costs of ‘buy-dump-buy’ should be included in the price of new products and the environmental benefits of repair and remanufacturing recognised. Currently it’s the other way around: extending the lives of products is artificially expensive, and drives consumers back to the mall rather than to the local repairer."

"Manufacturers need incentives to design products for longevity, not for premature obsolescence. Implementing extended producer responsibility needs rapid implementation to ensure that manufacturers are responsible for the collection and recycling of the products they design and sell"
said Jane Castle, Senior Campaigner at TEC